Introducing Dark Mode

The PRO version of Hydejack now includes an optional Dark Mode, making it the first Jekyll theme to include this feature (to my knowledge).

Like many people, I’m a sucker for is dark UI themes, whether it’s Twitter, macOS, or code editors. I even built an addon for Atom that automatically switches between light and dark based on sunset and sunrise.

Introducing Hydejack 8

Hydejack 8 is the best version of Hydejack yet. It introduces Cover Pages, Offline Support, and soon… Dark Mode.

After a long wait, Hydejack 8 finally sees the day of its release. It makes Hydejack look more elegant (no more super bold headings) and introduces features that make your site more impressive to first time visitors, while loading faster for repeat visitors.

Example Content III

A page showing Hydejack-specific markdown content.

Hydejack offers a few additional features to markup your markdown. Don’t worry, these are merely CSS classes added with kramdown’s {:...} syntax, so that your content remains compatible with other Jekyll themes.

Example Content II

A page showing how regular markdown content is styled in Hydejack.

There should be whitespace between paragraphs. We recommend including a README, or a file with information about your project.

Hydejack's New Design

This post introduces Hydejack’s now background image, color palette and logo.

While v7 brings an insane amount of new stuff, the most notable change is the new background image. It is no longer anti-selling the theme. The old image was a blurred version of Napoleon Bonaparte, which was just… weird. I could tell the story of how this came to be, but I’d rather show you the new and improved background image.