There are two versions of Hydejack: The Free Version includes basic blogging functionality and most of Hydejack’s Features, such as dynamic page loading and advanced animations.

The PRO Version includes additional features for professionals, such as a portfolio, resume, Dark Mode, Forms, Built-In Search and customizable cookie banners.

The table below shows what’s included in each version:

Printable Resume 
Dark Mode 
Built-In Search 
Custom Forms 
Newsletter Box 
Grid layout 
Offline Support 
Table of Contents1 
Cookie Banner 
No Hydejack Branding 
PriceFree$99 $69 One-Time Payment 2
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An incomplete list of features included in all versions of Hydejack:

  • Responsive layout with unique design features for every screen size
  • Cover Pages for a stunning first impression.
  • Customizable sidebar and touch-enabled drawer menu
  • Single Page Web App-style page loading
  • Advanced FLIP animations, inspired by Material Design
  • Good Google PageSpeed Score3
  • Syntax highlighting, powered by Rouge
  • LaTeX math blocks, rendered with ether KaTeX or MathJax at your choice
  • Soft-coded labels: Change wording or translate to other languages via a single file
  • Support for categories and tags
  • Author section below each article and support for multiple authors
  • Built-in icons for many social networks
  • Simple and semantic HTML + Structured Data
  • Google Analytics and Google Fonts support
  • Works with GitHub Pages out of the box4

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  1. Large screens (> 1664px width) only. ↩︎

  2. Price now permanently reduced by 30%! Use the offer code QR0TW8M to apply this discount later.

    If you’re upgrading from Hydejack 8, find your upgrade discount code in the latest zip download. ↩︎

  3. Actual page load speed depends on your hosting provider, location, resolution and format of images, usage of 3rd party plugins, and other factors. ↩︎

  4. Some limitations apply, most notably the need to use use MathJax instead of KaTeX for math block rendering. ↩︎